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Raket 120

Raket 95


High quality


We have several different exhaust to fit your regulations and your applications. Contact us and we will guide you into the right products for you

Long Life

The product lifetime cycle spans over a very long time

Fast deliveries

We deliver spareparts within 24 hours so it can reach you in time


The pricing of the Raket family engines are very competetive - especially when you compare the service intervals

Raket 120

The Raket 120cc is developed for demanding applications where a high power-output is required. The 120cc gives an excellent power to weight ratio, weighing in at only 7 kg and producing more than 14 HP.

  • Don´t let the high-performance scare you though, the Raket 120 is extremely reliable and can be run night and day for more than a week without service.
  • Raket 120 is supplied in two different main versions – Aero and Racing.
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Raket 95

With more than 40 years of engine building behind us, we set of with one goal in mind - to produce the world’s best recreational 2-stroke engine: This endeavour resulted in the Raket 95cc.

  • The Raket 95cc engine is a complete and modern engine platform suitable for many applications.
  • Raket 95 is utilizing a carburation/fuel-technic called Dual-Charge. This system will reduce fuel consumption and increase power, but more importantly it will lower dangerous exhaust emissions by 70%.
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